The excitement is building as TokenStars prepares to launch a groundbreaking ICO to tokenize celebrities’ careers, using virtual currency blockchain technology to provide unique opportunities for everyone involved. Aspiring sports stars receive important funding to support their training, coaches and talent scouts get attractive incentives to find promising talent, successful stars get lucrative sponsorship deals with popular brands, and investors (fans) receive ACE tokens, which can be redeemed for exclusive offers, event tickets, and chances to talk and train with their favorite stars.

With over $40 billion in contracts under management, the celebrity talent management industry is larger than many Fortune 500 companies and even many countries’ GDP (including EU countries). Sports represents a significant segment of this industry. According to Pavel Stukolov, TokenStars cofounder and CEO, “At the moment, the top 10 athlete management agencies have $1.19B in yearly commissions and 3,731 years of contracts signed. The industry is bigger than the GDP of Serbia, Bahrain, Brunei or Cyprus. ACE disrupts this market, decentralizing it and sharing the value among the community.”

The first target vertical for this ICO will be tennis stars (1 billion fans worldwide). Sergey Demekhine, former tennis star and current coach, is a member of the TokenStars advisory board, and provides the following insight into the ACE project: “Lack of funding is a typical problem which almost all tennis stars faced as juniors. Their funding options are limited by parents’ money, loans from friends, and small grants from local tennis federations and talent management agencies. The top 10 TMAs have over $25B in contracts under management and have a monopoly on deciding who is going to have a career and who is not. Mistakes based on gut feeling are inevitable in this process. As a crowdfunded project, ACE has the potential to disrupt tennis talent representation and protect rising stars from being overlooked.”

TokenStars also has strong support from its first believer and investor, Forbes top-30 internet entrepreneur Elena Masolova: “Aspiring tennis players need approximately $100K a year to build a career. Some have to put everything at stake – just like Olympic medalist and 5x Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova, who came uninvited from Russia to Nick Bollettieri Academy in Florida at the age of 9. Her father had to work as a dishwasher just to cover her bills. Later she earned $36.5M in prize money and $285M in sponsorship deals. With ACE, young players like Maria Sharapova can get funding for academy costs, coaches, sparring partners, and tournament participation, as well as help with signing sponsorship agreements.”

The following infographics provide a visualization of the ACE lifecycle, showing the benefits for all stakeholders:

Token Stars

Building Momentum

The TokenStars ACE ICO crowdsale launches on September 10th, the day of the US Open Finals. As the date approaches, the key players are already in place, with a powerful leadership team, marketing strategy, and promotional contracts already in the pipeline. Here’s a summary of the achievements thus far:

  • Tennis stars and experts on board. TokenStars has signed Veronika Kudermetova, winner of 19 WTA & ITF tournaments and playing in this year’s US Open, and Anastasia Myskina, WTA ranked #2 and the winner of 2 Federation Cups and 21 international tournaments. Also, coaching and scouting advisor Sergey Demekhine and talent management advisor Maya Kurilova, both with an impressive list of accomplishments, are part of the project. Plus, 9 more tennis players have been reviewed as potential candidates in August alone.
  • Huge sports media partnership signed. A partnership has been made with a high-profile sports media company that reaches an average of 1 million users daily. By conservative estimates, 250,000 unique users who are interested in sports and supporting athletes will be introduced to this opportunity.
  • Excellent progress with advertising contracts. Negotiations are continuing successfully to land advertising contracts for star players. A contract for approximately $82,000 is expected to be finalized in September.
  • Exciting press coverage. TokenStars has been featured in HuffPost, Inc., Forbes, and other media, and the buzz is only growing.
    International roadshow planned for September. Large investors and monetary funds all over the world are attracted by this unique opportunity, and more connections will be made in September when TokenStars takes its roadshow to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo.
  • Strict AML/KYC procedures in place. TokenStars is now completing the “Know Your Client” module for website user accounts, a critical procedure for banks which protects token holders.
  • More sports to come. This profitable concept will soon be brought to football, poker, and cybersport verticals, as well as tennis.

“At the moment, the top 10 athlete management agencies have $1.19B in yearly commissions and 3,731 years of contracts signed. The industry is bigger than the GDP of Serbia, Bahrein, Brunei or Cyprus. ACE disrupts this market, decentralizing it and sharing the value among the community,” says Pavel Stukolov, TokenStars cofounder and CEO.

Large Pre-Sale Bonus for Early Investors

With only days left before the ICO crowdsale, TokenStars is offering early investors special pre-sale terms. For a limited time, the pre-sale minimum purchase is 10,000 ACE tokens for just 1 BTC. Also, the maximum purchase bonus has been increased to 50%, with a minimum pre-sale bonus of 15%. This special offer will continue until September 9, 2017, the day before the crowdsale begins. Details regarding purchase volumes and bonuses can be discussed directly with the TokenStars founders at The pre-sale phase will be followed by an ICO that goes live on September 10, 2017. During the ICO, the minimum purchase volume will decrease to 100 ACE tokens.

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ACE by TokenStars from TokenStars on Vimeo.